Q. How much will a service cost?
A. Your Local Greenthumbz provide free quotes to our customers as it is difficult to give a correct quote over the phone. As you can imagine, gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and to give you the correct price we need to survey the area, it’s size, what materials are needed and how much time it will take.

Q. What can I do with my garden during water restrictions?
A. There are many things you can do to help your garden during this dry time. A few examples are to keep the weeds at bay, mulch and deep watering. Please refer to our water wise garden page for more tips.

Q. Do you provide garden maintenance for rental properties?
A. Your Local Greenthumbz can provide ongoing garden maintenance for rental properties. Tenants can overlook the upkeep of the garden due to time limits, lack of equipment and the fact that it is not ‘their’ garden. Having a gardener at your rental property can provide peace of mind for the landlord.

Q. We have a large party planned for later in the year and our garden is a mess! Do you provide a once off clean up service?
A. Yes we do! It is amazing how beautiful many gardens are after a good weed, trim, mow, prune and rubbish removal. A “once off cleanup’ service may involve a couple of visits before your deadline depending on the services needed. Although we can do a last minute service it always pays to plan ahead.