Waterwise gardens

Water restrictions have changed the way in which we tend to our gardens. Many people are not sure how to best care for, and/or change their gardens to incorporate the new watering guidelines. Your Local Greenthumbz are happy to provide assistance with the preparation, planting and care of a water wise garden. By choosing low water use plants and installing water efficient irrigation systems you are on your way to a beautiful and water wise garden.


Some tips for existing gardens

  • Remove weeds from your garden. Weeds rob moisture from the soil. They use up precious water that lawns and plants desperately need.
  • Mulching is fantastic for gardens, and can reduce the amount of water needed in your garden by 50% or more. When watering mulched areas, part the mulch and water the individual plant, as the mulch can absorb the water you are applying to your garden areas.
  • Cut back on fertilizing during the water restriction time, as this encourages plant growth which in turn requires more water.
  • Be careful when using grey waste on your gardens. Use on hardy established plants that are less likely to be affected by soil salinity.
  • Soil wetting agents are useful to improve topsoil conditions.
  • If you use a tap timer, remember to adjust regularly to suit weather conditions and turn them off if rain is forecast.
  • Water lawns less frequently (every7-10 days) and provide a deep soak to encourage deep rooting. Water lawns in the early morning if possible.
  • Aerate your lawns in the Spring to help water penetrate into the soil over the dry months.
  • More information can be found at www.sawater.com.au