Irrigation Systems Adelaide

Keep your garden green without burning a hole in your pocket. We install complete irrigation and reticulation systems that efficiently water lawns and gardens to withstand hot Adelaide summers

Irrigation systems have advanced to be more user-friendly and cost-effective over time. Technology now allows for systems to be linked to your smart phone and WiFi network to monitor predicted rainfall and optimise the amount of water provided to your garden. This can save you time and money, and allow you to control your reticulation system from anywhere in the world. If you don’t need this level of automation, there is a range of irrigation systems for differing needs. We work with trusted brands to ensure our customers are getting the best products available on the market.

Irrigation Installations Adelaide

Effective, efficient irrigation systems are an important component of a healthy lawn and garden, especially in Adelaide where steady rainfall is a rare event, and the summers can be long and dry. Your Local Greenthumbz will find an irrigation solution for you that will keep your garden looking great, without breaking your budget.

Our watering systems are custom made and installed to suit your garden and lawn, delivering maximum benefit to your plants and soil while keeping your water bills low – especially important as prices continue to rise and another hot, dry summer approaches. Whether you’re residential, commercial or government, we have the right solution for you at a price that suits.

Effective, timely garden irrigation is a hard task, especially when you have other responsibilities, like work, kids and friends. It’s easy to forget to water your plants until it’s too late. It’s also easy to forget you left the tap on, and run up a big water bill as a result (and risk drowning your plants). Drip irrigation systems are often the best approach – controlled, timed watering of your plants to ensure they get the right amount of water, at the right time of the day. Lawn irrigation is also a challenge when you’re doing it on your own – you have to remember to move the sprinkler at the right times and this can be a real hassle when you have a large patch of lawn to look after. Water restrictions in the summer only make the job harder. We install irrigation systems that will both take the work out of watering and keep your lawn lush, even during the driest months.

We also repair irrigation, if you already have irrigation systems installed but they are damaged or just aren’t working as well as they could. Lawnmowers are a common cause of problems, especially for systems that weren’t installed properly and have parts exposed. Our friendly, expert team will provide you with a complete free assessment and find a solution that will suit your budget, which includes sourcing of parts, labour and testing. We service a wide area, starting from around the Adelaide CBD to as far north as Gawler. We are your one stop shop for irrigation systems. See our Areas page for more information.

For irrigation systems that work and will keep your garden green on a budget that is right for you, look no further than Your Local Greenthumbz.