Garden Waste & Rubbish Removal in Adelaide

Those of us who have gardens reserve a special place for them in their hearts. Is it any wonder really? Few things beat a garden party on summer days, a walk among the explosion of greenery and flowers, or an energetic ball game with friends and family.

But you can’t do that in an overgrown, neglected garden, can you? Whatever the season, that special outdoor patch of land needs care and attention, which includes prompt and regular garden waste removal.

Common Types of Garden Waste We Remove

While the phrase may be self-explanatory, let’s still go through the most common examples of garden waste. In general, the term covers organic matter produced by gardening activities and may include any of the following:

These are commonly referred to as green waste. In its broader sense, garden waste can also include pieces of outdoor furniture, sheds, ornaments such as pots and urns, or even food waste. However you want to define it, one thing is not open for debate: a lovely and safe garden requires regular care plus timely garden waste removal.

Benefits of our green waste collection

We have a long list of reasons, but let’s go with the best of the bunch: