Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Adelaide

A well-maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as heat reduction in homes, play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes. A regular lawn service gives your property a great look and feel and increases the appeal and value. A professional lawn mow can make all the difference to the presentation of your property.

We can do a one-off mow or maintain your lawn on a regular basis for a worry free, great looking lawn.  Every lawn mowing job includes trimming the edges, mowing the grass and blowing down paths and driveways to ensure your property is left looking great! Our operators can either mulch or catch the clippings, read the benefits of each below.

Catcher Mowing

This technique involves using a catcher on the mower to collect clippings. These can either be added to your compost or removed for a small cost. Catcher mowing leaves your lawn clear of debris and looking great.

Mulch Mowing

Mulch mowing is a technique used where grass clippings are cut extra finely and returned to the soil. This allows nutrients to be added back into the ground, improving the health of your lawn. Lawn mowing regularly will ensure not only a great yard but will assist in the rapid deterioration of clippings into the soil, due to the small size of clippings being produced. The practice can also be beneficial by protecting the soil beneath lawns from evaporation during the summer months.

Large Area & Acreage Mowing

Many of our operators are equipped with commercial-grade ride on mowers capable of handling large areas with ease.

Commercial Mowing

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of first impressions. Our operators can maintain your premises so that you can spend your time working on growing your business. All our Pro Cut operators are fully insured and carry Public Liability insurance, giving you peace of mind that should something happen to go wrong, you are covered.

End of Tenancy Tidy-Up

We are often asked to help get the lawns and gardens of rental properties back into a presentable state at the end of a tenancy. This helps the tenant get their full bond back, and for the landlord it attracts top quality tenants. Last minute? No worries, we’re here to help

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