Mulching Adelaide

Mulching is often recommended as part of a garden clean up or after planting. Mulch, compost and manure are all important contributors to soil conditioning and water retention in Adelaide soils. Mulch, compost and manure replenish impoverished soils as well as adding add structure to sandy or clay soils and assisting in water retention. Your Local Greenthumbz Gardeners Landscapers are experts in mulch application and care is taken to ensure it is not placed against the trunks of trees and shrubs where it can cause rotting.

Care is also taken with manures as it needs to be well rotted before applying, especially those high it nitrogen. There are a range of benefits for mulching and Your Local Greenthumbz Gardeners Landscapers Gardening can give advice on what is going to suit your garden.

Your Local Greenthumbz Gardeners Landscapers will meet to discuss all your landscaping requirements and will provide a free quote based on our initial discussions.